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An expression of love, an expression of intense feeling, an expression that leaves’ wanting for more. What is sex???? It may sound a silly question for an adult to ask, it sounds like its so basic question to ask, but fact is most of us are superficial when comes to deal with Sex.

The utmost pleasure of a human being is “sex”…in fact Human is the only animal who enjoys the sex physically and mentally. Sex is god’s gift to human race. But, the biggest blunder of life is we hardly get serious with most serious question of our life, we take it for granted and we realize this when we lose the treasure of utmost pleasure of Human race. But like any treasure, no matter how big is, it will erode one day if not enjoyed sensitively. If we enjoy this treasure wisely then it can be carried on throughout the life, but if misused and spent irrationally then we will left with nothing but disappointment and sadness. Thus it results in many complications in life, in relationship, in friendship and many more. 
After speaking and corresponding with thousands of people over the years we came to believe that many of our problems about sex are actually problems of definition. Every individual person, science, religion or culture has its own definition of Sex, has its own code for sex. Any search for information, tips and techniques, or answers to sexual problems can be of benefit, if we take a moment to make sure we know what we’re talking about when we talk about Sex.

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